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08.45 - 09.30


09.30 - 09.40

Opening Remarks

  • Nikolas Kondakis, Head of Conferences & Awards, Boussias Communications
  • Dr. Panos Patsouris, Doctorate Advisor WBL Institute, Middlesex University
Session #1: Emergence, implementation, impact and prospects of the Regulatory Framework for the highlighting of the New Payment Environment in Europe and Greece

The practical implementation of the new PSD2 framework and the active compliance of all the stakeholders such a framework addresses will lead to a substantial change in the landscape in the field of payments. A new business reality has been emerging, combined with new services and trading opportunities that significantly influences the consumer model and introduces new ways of using and managing resources.

09.40 - 10.00
Institutional Expert on Payments' Regulations & Systems

"PSD2 and the transition to an Open Banking Environment in the EU"

    Ralf Jacob, Head of Unit D3 (Retail Financial Services and Payments), European Commission, DG for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union.

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10.00 - 10.15
Institutional Expert on Payments' Regulations & Systems

"Transforming toward a cashless Greek Economy"

    Vassilis Panagiotidis, Head of the payment systems, financial crime combating and Physical Security Dpt., Hellenic Bank Association (HBA)
10.15 - 10.35
Institutional Expert on Payments' Regulations & Systems

"TIPS - Βringing European Instant Payments to the next stage"

    Mehdi Manaa, Deputy Director General of the Market Infrastructure and Payments Directorate at the European Central Bank
10.35 - 10.55
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments' Business Front-Runner

"Winning and retaining customers in a changing payments landscape under PSD2. Strategies for Banks and Merchants."

    Martin Koderisch, Principal Officer, Manager, London Office, Edgar Dunn & Company
10.55 - 11.55
Panel Discussion

"The inevitable rally of the Banks and their Competitors towards Open Banking. Will Banks evolve in becoming mere high-tech Platforms? How will the new Competitive Field on Payments be shaped?"

"Open Discussion" between Experts and Executives of the established Banking sector on the Challenges, Business Opportunities, Fintech required investments regarding PSD2 Compliance, while also addressing Innovators' Flexible positioning especially on Mobile Payments, toward the competitive landscape and the new solutions for Direct Payments without interventions in a new go-to-market business approach.

Panel participants:

  • Alex Drymiotis, Head of Payments & Cash Management, Eurobank
  • George Moraitis, Country Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, Wholesale Banking - HSBC France, Athens Branch
  • Nikos Petrakis, Director Card Business, Piraeus Bank
  • Alkiviadis Trigkas, Head e-Banking & Digital Channels, National Bank
  • Yannis Tsavdaridis, Director of IT & Digital Banking of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus


    Martin Koderisch, Principal Officer, Manager, London Office Edgar Dunn & Co
11.55 - 12.25

Coffee Break

Session #2: Innovation in Payments and development of a New Culture

Incorporating emerging payment services, we are heading to a new reality and a new form of competition in everyday business. This requires know-how, effective development and management of the lifecycle of new IT products / services, new criteria for approaching consumers in a decentralized environment, where appropriate coordination of actions and synergies are required for the use of specialized outsourcing services and commitment to high quality secure outcomes.

12.25 - 12.50
Institutional Expert on Payments' Regulations & Systems

"PSD2 and the role of European Banking Authority (EBA)"

    Dr Dirk Haubrich, Head of Conduct, Payments and Consumers at the European Banking Authority (EBA)

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12.50 - 13.10
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments' Business Front-Runner

"PSD2 - Which strategy is best?"

    Daniel Doderlein, Award-winning serial entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, AUKA
13.10 - 13.30
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments' Business Front-Runner

"Redefining the Future of Payments"

    Lee Britton, Commercial Director at Prepaid Financial Services (PFS)
13.30 - 13.45
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments' Business Front-Runner

"Flexible New Generation Payment Services"

    George Tsatsaronis, Founder & CEO GBANQ
13.45 - 14.00
Banking Digital Transformation Expert

"Innovation in real-time payments"

    Anders Olofsson, Global Head of Payments, Finastra
14.00 - 14.50

Lunch break

Session #3: Voice-of-the-Customer - Attitudes and Response to the New Reality of Payments

The consumer is the key to the success of any innovative range of new services, and Payments will be a focal point for the entire business setting. The consumer's criteria are shaped up by attitude, habits and financial capability, as well as by the incentives provided by markets and the state. Case studies and success stories will be presented, as well as how the different vertical markets (Retail, Telecommunications, Energy and Other Utilities, e-Commerce, etc.) consider the challenges of the new payments' reality. Competition has changed by demanding Fintech its substantial support, while vertical markets are exploring modern synergies to record success stories.

Business opportunities will be explored of how they appeal to market share and provide ways about better service, and cost suppression that promises new channels developed by companies, and more flexible use and management of communities that are destined to play the role of the new target markets of tomorrow in business cross-industry.

14.50 - 15.40
Panel Discussion

"Voice of the Customer - The New Challenges of the Payments Market"

Consumers' behaviour change against payments market's new philosophy, as well as the novel products and services. What type of incentives, cost-saving offers, and sustainable benefits on behalf of the payments providers communicate to consumers aiming at capturing their consistent positive response and loyalty. How will Retail and other Vertical Industries plan their new approach toward consumers' lasting relationship through well-designed payments' services? Culture change, demographics, new lifestyle's impact and how their benefits will drive consumer's decisions, for instance, mobile payments, portfolio management, bonus schemes, vaults, security (SCA), transaction speed and accuracy?

Panel participants:

  • John Vratsos, ΙΤ Director, ACS
  • Steve Dekavallas, Head Engineering & Business Development, INSS
  • Theodore Kounas, General Manager, EVERYPAY SA
  • Noel Moran, Founder, CEO eComm
  • Panos Tournavitis, Managing Director, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa
  • George Andrews Hantzandreou, Director, Cards Division, National Bank of Greece (NBG)


    Lambros Tsolkas, Managing Director, Financial Services, Greece, Accenture
15.40 - 16.00
Banking Digital Transformation Expert

"Εxploring the Greek startup ecosystem through fintech and payments"

    George Kametas, Head of Business Banking Segment Sector, NBG

Short Panel
A short panel will take place by founders of paytech startups of NBG Business Seeds Program.

  • Vagelis Fragkos, Co-Founder, QuRabbit
  • Dimitris Lamprou, Co-Founder & CEO, PLUSTIC
16.00 - 16.20
Banking Digital Transformation Expert

"The road to payments digitization - The UX element"

    Costis Paikos, Head of Mobile Banking, Payments & Value Adding Services, Eurobank Group
16.20 - 16.40
Banking Digital Transformation Expert

"My Alpha wallet with Tap 'n Pay - The evolution of payments"

    Eleftheria Krithimou, Assistant Division Manager, Alternative Channels Division, e-Banking, Alpha Bank
16.40 - 17.00
Banking Digital Transformation Expert

"Even simpler, better and faster - How we made banking easier"

    Dimitra Vourna, Chief Operating Officer, HSBC
17.00 - 17.20
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments' Business Front-Runner

"Revolut: Beyond Banking"

    Dimitris Litsikakis, Country Manager Greece, Revolut
17.20 - 17.30

Closing Remarks


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