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The implementation of the new PSD2 directive, as well as the whole new Regulatory Environment, has been transforming and extends payment methods, customer interface networks, while it changes the way "new players" and 3rd party providers enter into the management and transfer of financial resources aside of the Banks. Businesses are required to adapt their strategy by providing their customers with personalized, flexible, immediate, and secure payments also ensuring the protection of consumers’ personal data.

Boussias Communications Banker's Review Magazine organizes the 2nd Payments360° Conference. The conference focuses on innovation, new trends, payments solutions and services at the Financial, Technological, Business and Institutional level.

Key Issues

  • The adoption of new payment services and the shaping up of the transactions’ new reality
  • The spectrum of new payment solutions and services, security factors, reliability, accuracy and response on fast resolutions, as well as the entry of new "players" into the payments’ ecosystem
  • Stakeholders’ requirements considered in their entirety for effective innovation development and actionable implementations in the new environment
  • The change of consumer culture and the expected benefits from the new ecosystem of payments
  • How are key vertical markets, such as Retail, are expected to respond in front of the new challenges in payments, especially with the concurrent development of Online Channels

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Conference Audience

In particular, the Conference addresses:

  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers, Heads of IT & CIOs
  • Chief Retail Banking Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers (COOs)
  • Risk & Authentication Managers
  • Chief Innovation Managers (Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, etc.)
  • ICT Managers
  • Financial Compliance Directors
  • IT Auditors
  • ICT Infrastructure and Business Continuity Managers
  • Payment Providers
  • Payment Gateways Providers
  • Consultants, Vendors και Integrators


Institutional Expert on Payments’ Regulations & Systems Ralf Jacob Ralf Jacob is the Head of Unit D3 (Retail Financial Services and Payments), European Commission, Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union.
Institutional Expert on Payments’ Regulations & Systems Mehdi Manaa Mehdi Manaa is Deputy Director General of the Market Infrastructure and Payments Directorate at the European Central Bank. Previously he headed the Market Infrastructure Development Division.
Institutional Expert on Payments’ Regulations & Systems Dr Dirk Haubrich Dr Dirk Haubrich is Head of Conduct, Payments and Consumers at the European Banking Authority (EBA). Dirk leads the EBA’s work on payment services, consumer and depositor protection, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, and the monitoring of financial innovation in the banking sector.
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments’ Business Front-Runner Daniel Döderlein Daniel is an award-winning serial entrepreneur. With close to 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the field of IT, media, marketing and mobile, Daniel has a vast business network and plenty of hard-earned experience in building products, business and companies.
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments’ Business Front-Runner Lee Britton Lee Britton has been the Commercial Director at Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS) since 2011. Lee is a stand out Financial Services leader. Lee has helped to steer the company's impressive trajectory in the FinTech and Payment industries.
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments’ Business Front-Runner Martin Koderisch Martin Koderisch is a Payments Consultant with Edgar, Dunn and Company based in London. Martin has advised and led high profile consulting projects on a range of topics covering payments, digital innovation, scheme rules / regulations, security, fraud and risk for the Fintech area, as well as the evolving customer behaviour and expectations is impacting and transforming payments and more broadly the banking and financial services sector.
Innovator, Thought Leader, Payments’ Business Front-Runner Dimitris Litsikakis Dimitris Litsikakis has been appointed as Country Manager Greece for Revolut the fastest growing FinTech based in London. With 1,700,000 users across Europe, Revolut provides the fastest, safest and easiest way to get innovative banking services with a mobile-first approach. Since 2014, he also acts as Athens Chapter Director for Startup Grind, the largest entrepreneurship community in the world.
Panelist Alkiviadis Trigkas Alkiviadis Trigkas is the Head of Electronic Banking Sector in the Digital Channels Division at National Bank, since 2015. In 2009 he was CEO of the Business Exchanges subsidiary of the Eurobank Group, while from 1998 to 2009 he has been working for the Eurobank Group in various positions.

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